About Nailsea & Tickenham FC

A combined force, creating The Swags…

At the end of the 2014/15 Football season a meeting took place between representatives from both Nailsea Town and Tickenham United Football Club. The future of both clubs was discussed and although both shared an impressive individual history, it was obvious that as a joint force the teams could continue to evolve and develop into something even greater.

Negotiations continued, leagues were contacted, players were consulted and by the end of May 2015 it had been decided that Nailsea Town and Tickenham United Football Clubs would no longer exist but would instead merge and combine their efforts on and off the field to create a new team that the local community would to be proud of. Nailsea and Tickenham FC was born.

Although the club has a bright future and we are currently experiencing an exciting time of development, a mutual respect for the past histories will never to be forgotten…..

Nailsea Town FC

The Swans…

In the early years, the clubs success was largely down to one of its founders, Rex Baker and his brother Toby. They are largely responsible for the current ground and set up at Fryth Way, Nailsea.

Nailsea Town entered the Somerset County league in 1989 following an astounding promotion run in the WSM and district league over 6 consecutive seasons. They then accomplished a dramatic rise from the Somerset County league 3rd Division to the Premier Division, in just 4 seasons.

Over the years the club included a number of well-known faces as playing members such as Ex Bristol City legends Geoff Merrick, Chris Garland, Clive Whitehead,

Howard Pritchard and Ricky Chandler have all represented the club.

Having lived in the shadows of their well-established rivals, Nailsea United, the club’s long standing ambition was to provide the best standard of football and facilities for the community and surrounding catchment area. The club has attracted many young local players over the years and gathered support from local businesses, something which the current team will continue to build on during the future of this exciting new venture.

First XI

  • Somerset County League Div 1 Runners Up 10/11
  • Somerset County League Div 1 Runners Up 00/01
  • Division Cup Runners Up 00/01
  • Somerset County League Div 2 Champions 99/00
  • Somerset County League Div 3 Runners Up 97/98
  • Challenge Cup Winners 1988
  • Weston Super Mare & District League Div 3 Winners 86/87
  • Weston Super Mare & District League Div 4 Winners 85/86
  • Keyes Cup Winners 85/86


  • Weston Super Mare & District League Runners Up 11/12

Tickenham United FC

The Stags…

Tickenham United successfully competed during the 1960’s and 70’s until they merged in 1973 with Clevedon Sports to form Clevedon United FC.

Re-established in 2007 by Jamie Smith and George Davies, they decided to run a club themselves in which they could compete and drive forward into the local community of football. As a result they adopted the name Tickenham United FC.

The enthusiasm was infectious and the club was quickly established seeing local players sign. As a result, the club enjoyed 5 quick promotions through the Weston & District League to Division 1. Coupled with Cup success Tickenham United were considered a ‘team to beat’.

Off the pitch Tickenham United are responsible for popular fundraising events which have seen the likes of Bristol City heroes Scott Murray and Louis Carey take part. They will soon be releasing details of their next project which will follow on from the successful ‘Tickly Come Dancing’ night in September 2014.

Finishing runners up in their final season, Tickenham United were faced with frustrating yet familiar times ahead. With no permanent pitch to call home, promotion into the Somerset League was one of the main reasons that progression for this promising club was halted. With a clear objective to preserve Tickenham’s place in Somerset Football, the current merger was an easy decision.

  • Weston Super Mare & District League  Div 1 Runners Up 14/15
  • Weston Super Mare & District League Div 2 Winners 12/13
  • Weston Super Mare & District League Div 3 Winners 11/12
  • Challenge Cup Winners 11/12
  • Weston Super Mare & District League Div 4 Winners 10/11
  • Weston Super Mare & District League Div 5 Winners 09/10
  • Weston Super Mare & District League  Div 6 Winners 08/09

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